Recycle Your Redundant Office Products Online... 
Accolade will donate all money raised from their sale to
charities dedicated to education in developing countries.

For many years, Accolade has donated funds to Erskine Home for Disabled ex-Service personnel.

Printer cartridge recycling has been beneficial, both to Erskine Home and to our wider environment.
Accolade now has yet another way to raise more money for worthwhile causes. 

Your office probably has a 'Chinese Corner'... it's where you keep your junk !!

Within Greater Glasgow area, Accolade will collect these redundant products, 
advertise them on Google then pass the proceeds (less cost of carriage) to charity.

You'll get an email saying how much cash was raised by your generosity. 

To see how this innovative fund raising plan works, click on the link below: -

Please contact Accolade if you have any redundant office products that you would like them to sell on your behalf. 

FreeFax 0800 38 78 62 or Phone 0141 774 4600.

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